Fresh Seafood

Little Italy serves fresh seafood such as flounder, shrimp, clams or mussels cooked to perfection.

Pizza, Hot & Cold Subs & Sandwiches

Little Italy has delicious pizza, hot or cold subs and sandwiches served all day.

Beverages & Desserts

Little Italy serves Pepsi products, wine and beer. Finish your meal with cannoli, tiramisu, Blue Bunny Ice Cream or ask your server for other desserts that may be available.

Little Italy's Homemade Pastas

Little Italy has homemade pasta dishes including lasagna, spaghetti and tortellini.

Little Italy's Appetizers, Salads and Soups

Start your meal off with a delicious appetizer, salad or soup.

Beverages & Desserts

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We proudly carry Pepsi products
$1.95 Hot Coffee or Hot Tea $2.25 Lipton Iced Tea, Pepsi, Soda $2.50 Espresso $3.50 Capuccino $2.50 Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda $2.25 San Pellegrino Sparkling Citrus $2.00 Rocchetta Sparkling Water 1/2 liter


$3.25 Coors, Coors Light, Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller, Miller Lite, Ultra,
Michelob Light
$2.50 O'Douls (non-alcoholic) $4.25 Heineken, Peroni, Corona

Eastern Shore Wine

$26.00 Church Creek Merlot $26.00 Church Creek Chardonnay

House Wine

Chardonnay glass - $5.50 ♦ carafe $15.00 Cabernet glass - $5.50 ♦ carafe $15.00 White Zinfandel glass - $5.50 ♦ carafe $15.00 Merlot glass - $5.50 ♦ carafe $15.00

Ask your server about other imported wines available.

Mixed Drinks

$6.00 Little Italy Drink iced tea with Martini Rossi and ginger ale

Ask your server for your favorite mixed drink!


Cannoli ♦ Tiramisu Ask your server about our other desserts. We carry Blue Bunny Ice Cream!


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